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About Us

My Law Office provides legal advisory for both corporate and individual clients.

Our services are available for clients at every stage of a case - during pre-litigation, litigation, as well as during extrajudicial proceedings like negotiations ar bargaining.

All of the cases are handled with the utmost care for the clients' well-being and their interests. To ensure the most comprehensive and thorough legal assistance, I cooperate with other professionals including notaries, bailiffs and sworn translators.

My strengths

icon - substantive and reliable assistance
substantive and reliable assistance
icon - acting in the best interest of a client
acting in the best interest of a client
icon - clear and concise communication
clear and concise communication
icon - easy access to the office and parking for clients
easy access to the office and parking for clients
icon - flexible working hours with a possibility to meet outside the office
flexible working hours with a possibility to meet outside the office
icon - use of the alternative means of communication
use of the alternative means of communication

About Me

I am a second-generation attorney-at-law. I earned my Master's Degree at the Law and Administration Faculty of the University of Lodz, then completed my attorney apprenticeship in the Bar Council in Łódź and after successfully passing the bar exam, I was called to the bar.

I gained my work experience already during my studies and the apprenticeship, offering legal assistance for individual clients and legal entities, including commercial companies.

I am also a mediator, and I finished many trainings regarding that subject, including postgraduate studies.

My legal services also include assistance in English (level C1/C2).

My Services

icon - companies and commercial law
  • advising on starting and running a business
  • setting up commercial companies, making changes to the entries in the National Court Register, Tax Office, Central Statistical Office and Social Insurance Institution
  • liquidation of companies and their branches,
  • preparing draft resolutions, internal regulations, reports from stakeholders meetings
  • representation in bankruptcy and recovery proceedings, including presentation of claims in bankruptcy proceedings
  • consulting agreements with the members of company's bodies
icon - debt maintenance
  • pursuing claims in extrajudicial proceedings, and in the litigation and enforcement proceedings
icon - civil law and damages
  • drafting and reviewing civil and commercial contracts
  • pleading and legal representation in common and administrative courts
  • preparing lawsuits for cases under electronic writ of payment proceedings (e-court)
  • handling cases concerning the ownership of properties, perpetual usufruct, business usage, easements, usucaptions, compensations for non-contractual use, dissolutions of co- ownership, evictions, tenant protections
  • protection of personal rights, including prevention of violations and handling claims for damages
  • handling various claims for damages in common courts and in the liquidation proceedings (claims for damages from the insurer)
icon - consumer protection
  • drafting customer regulations and contracts
  • legal representation in the Office of Competition and Consumer Protections
  • legal representation in the Office of Competition and Consumer Protections
  • prohibited clauses and abusive clauses
  • saving insurance policies
  • liquidation fees
icon - administrative law
  • legal representation at every stage of the proceedings before the public administration and administrative courts: Regional Administrative Courts and the Supreme Administrative Court of Poland
  • legal representation before administrative enforcement bodies (suspension of enforcement proceedings, enforcement exemptions, remissions, suspension of proceedings)
  • appealing administrative decisions
  • legal assistance in obtaining administrative decisions (building permits, concessions, licenses, business licenses)
icon - criminal law
  • legal representation of defendant or victim during preparatory and judicial proceedings
  • handling cases of the criminal punishment law, including, but not limited to, temporary suspension of the prison sentence, deferment of the prison sentence, conditional early release from the prison sentence
  • defense in minor offense cases
icon - family law
  • legal representation in divorce, legal separation, restriction or deprivation of parental authority
  • investigating child support and spousal support cases
  • legal representation in cases concerning child care, exercise of parental authority, applying for contact with a child
  • handling cases of partition of the joint property of spouses
  • legal assistance on all of the above
icon - inheritance law
  • legal representation in cases concerning confirmation of inheritance acquisition, accepting or renouncing succession, partition of inheritance
  • representation and assistance in cases concerning claims for legitim
icon - labour law
  • assistance in negotiations and legal representation before the labour courts in employment related matters (employment relationship, employment contracts, termination of employment, reinstatement, compensations)
  • reviewing and drafting employment-related documents (employment contracts, work and remuneration regulations, managerial contracts, non-compete agreements, non-disclosure agreements, trust agreements)
  • legal representation in cases relating to employment discrimination and mobbing
  • legal advice on collective labour relations and agreements
  • legal advice on terminating employment contracts and collective redundancies
icon - real estate and property law
  • legal representation before the Land and Mortgage Register Courts
  • drafting and negotiating rental agreement for both renters and rentees
  • legal representation in cases concerning the abolition of co-ownership
  • legal representation in cases concerning evictions and compensation claims to municipalities for not allotting a communal flat
  • handling cases concerning protection and violation of property rights
  • handling cases concerning usucaption

My Law Office provides legal services in various fields of law, including, but not limited to, civil law (damages and equitable remedies, family law, inheritance law, construction law), commercial law (contracts, comprehensive services for companies, registration proceedings for National Court Register), labour and social security law, criminal law.

To meet the wide needs of clients, my Law Office offers both permanent and one-off assistance. The form of remuneration is always determined individually with a client.

The available forms are:

  • one-off payment, fixed in advance
  • monthly lump sum
  • hourly compensation


Wiadomość wysłana pomyślnie, postaram się na nią odpowiedzieć najszybciej jak to będzie możliwe.
  • Please use the below form to contact me with any query.

My offices are located in Łódź and Piotrków Trybunalski.

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97-300 Piotrków Trybunalski

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